Like the architectural shingles, the designer shingles are made of either synthetic slate or fiberglass coated in fine minerals and asphalt, and as so, they too are heavy-duty and very thick cuts that have a look similar to that of the heavier natural shingle materials, without the concerns about the roof’s structure and its ability to support the additional weight.

Like the architectural shingles, designer shingles also have a solid reputation for performance, and are noted for being able to withstand strong winds and extreme heat. Because of the thick insulated material, this type of shingle actually helps keep structures cooler by deflecting heat.

Designer shingles are the most luxurious and attractive shingles available. They offer a uniquely exquisite beauty and the excellent quality of the architectural shingles. This is the most customizable roofing shingle that can be purchased, boasting a seemingly endless assortment of shapes and colors.