Architectural Shingles

Also referred to as laminated shingles or dimensional shingles, this high-quality roofing product is known for its crisp 3D look.  The shingles’ well-defined shapes and colors tend to extenuate the depth and of a roof, emphasizing sharp dramatic rooflines and steep peaks.

Generally these shingles are made of either synthetic slate or fiberglass coated in fine minerals, and asphalt.  These are heavy-duty and very thick cuts that come in a wide variety of colors and styles, often resembling authentic slate, wood-shake, or clay tile roofs.

This is a popular choice since it offers the look of the heavier natural shingle materials, without the concerns about the roof’s structure and its ability to support the additional weight.  Architectural roof shingles also have a solid reputation for performance, noted for being able to withstand strong winds and extreme heat. Because of its thick insulated material, this type of shingle actually helps keep structures cooler by deflecting heat. Architectural roof shingles are the most common of roofing cuts, and generally the most economical.