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In 1972, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas began reroofing their facilities using polyurethane foam. Why? Because it Works. Polyurethane foam, when applied to a roof, fills in any cracks and smooths over any seams or irregularities. The potential for leaks is virtually eliminated. That means keeping water out and energy in. Texas A&M kept careful records on the performance of their new roofing system and found they have reaped reductions in maintenance costs as well as decreased energy expenses. Of the ten million square feet of roofs at the central campus, over 90% are now protected by spray polyurethane foam. Texas A&M uses nothing else for new or remedial roofing.

No. of Roof Construction Annual Payback
Year Bldgs. SF Cost Energy Savings (Discounted)
1980 7 61,563 $164,214 $76,055 21⁄3 yr.
1981 4 75,670 184,304 16,532 71⁄2 yr.
1982 3 44,280 126,400 31,144 31⁄3 yr.
1983 8 163,516 414,135 74,048 41⁄2 yr.
1984 5 248,500 805,346 129,681 41⁄2 yr.
Total 27 593,529 $1,694,399 $327,460 41⁄2 yr.

Results of the study performed by Gerald Scott, Director of Energy, Texas A&M University.

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